Our Recipes

Morello Cherry Sorbet


1kg morello cherry puree
300g water
100g glucose
200g caster sugar


– In a pan heat the water, glucose and 340g sugar until all the ingredients
have dissolved approx 80c.
– Cool slightly.
– Whisk in the cherry puree and pour into ice cream machine.
– Churn until smooth and set.
– Store in the freezer
– If you don’t have an ice cream machine freeze in a container and return to
mix the sorbet every hour until set.

Amaretti Biscuit


680g ground almond
680g caster sugar
240g egg whites
30ml amaretto


– Mix almond powder and caster sugar
– Whisk egg whites to soft peaks.
– Mix almond powder mix with whisked egg whites and finally the amaretto
– Chill mix
– Roll into balls weighed 50grams and roll in a mixture of caster sugar and
demererra sugar.
– Bake at 175’c for 12 mins

Parmesan Croquettes


10kg potato (to make 5kg of cooked flesh)
200g pasteurized egg yolk
1kg pre-grated parmesan
1kg grated block mozzarella
Crushed capelli d’angelo pasta
Whole egg

Method for the mix

  • Bake potatoes in skin
  • Scoop flesh and pass through a moulis
  • Mix parmesan, mozzarella, egg yolk, salt and pepper into potato in a mixer using paddle
  • Ball into 40g balls and freeze.

To Panne (cover the balls):

Dip in flour, then beaten egg, then add the capelli pasta.

Deep fry at 180 C for 3 minutes. Serve with generous amounts of shaved parmesan.

Parmesan croquettes, Benoli Italian restaurant, Norwich

Pizza dough

1.4kg caputo rosso flour

7g yeast

900g water

20g table salt

Infinite grams of love!


– add the luke warm water and yeast in the mixing bowl and mix by hand

– mix flour and salt by hand

– slowly add flour to water on speed 1 using Hobart dough hook

– once all the flours have been added, mix for approx 15 mins until smooth

– remove fold into a smooth ball

– prove for approx 1 hour covered in cling film

– portion into 120g balls and store on black trays covered in cling film

– for Sunday roast, add 50g

Add your favourite topping!

Lemon Sorbetto

Delicious served with burnt meringue and limoncello (see pic). It’s our dish of the month for August 2020.


1kg Lemon puree
1260g water
180g glucose
570g caster sugar
2 confit lemons chopped as fine as possible
60g caster sugar
14g neutrose sorbet stabiliser (mix these 2 ingredients together)


  • In a pan heat the water, glucose and 340g sugar until all the ingredients have dissolved approx 40c
  • Add the mixed sugar and stabiliser and whisk
  • Heat to 85c and cool
  • Whisk in the lemon puree and chopped confit lemon
  • Split into 4 ice cream tubs and freeze mixing every hour with a fork to ensure a smooth texture at the end.