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Looking for an 'Italian Restaurant near me'? Come and see us at Benoli

Benoli is an independently owned restaurant that focuses on Italian and local ingredients cooked with skill and care. We specialise in modern Italian cuisine, beautiful handmade pasta, carefully sourced ingredients and making customers happy! Where possible we source fresh food locally and combine it with authentic Italian ingredients. 

We are not a traditional Italian restaurant, so make sure you take your time to look at the menu (which changes regularly) and try new things when you visit. 

Join us at our vibrant Italian trattoria style bar for casual dining, inventive cocktails, and an extensive wine list. All the beers and wines are from Italy and the cocktails include classics such as the Tiramisu martini.

Alternatively make your way upstairs for a more intimate dining experience or book the private dining room for exclusive parties of up to 8 people (please check on the latest Covid-19 restrictions when booking). 

On May 17th 2021 we will be reopening 7 days a week (see times below) and we’ve also added 36 seats in a new dining area on the renovated third floor.

If you’re looking for an ‘Italian restaurant near me’, check out our fantastic reviews and book a table today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Skilled Italian cooking in Norwich City Centre

Oliver Boon

Benoli is independently owned by chef patron ‘Oliver Boon’ who has returned to Norwich after 10 years training in London for some of the best chefs in the country. The list Includes: Bryn Williams, Gordon Ramsay and finally Michel Roux Jr. and Albert Roux at The Landau where Oliver was Head Chef. He was also a finalist in ‘MasterChef Professionals’ in 2012 at the age of just 22.

After travelling extensively around Sicily and Italy as a child he was always going to come back to his memories and love of robust Italian flavours.

The name ‘Benoli’ is made up of Oliver’s name and his brother’s, Ben. The boys had a boat of the same name when they were growing up!

Italian recipes to make at home

Why not try making some of our favourite Italian recipes at home? We’ve added a selection to our recipe page. Feel free to share your dishes with us on Facebook and Instagram!

“Benoli is about remembering why I fell in love with food, Benoli is not about cooking - it’s all about eating”